Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Are you a superhero? Most of us aren’t; we just play one in real life. The other day, as I juggled my list of tasks, I saw this article about the risk of burnout. The content geared at companies; gives tips to avoid workplace burnout.  A few sentences into it, I realized the information also applies on a personal level.

Burnout can happen at any time in our lives – be it at work or at home. I, for one, am notoriously guilty of overloading my plate with more than I can consume. And then after I tire out from running like a hamster on the wheel of life, I get burnt out. I hit a wall, and I am left feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Then, I crash from the stress overload.

So if you’re overloading yourself – pushing your mind, body, and spirit to the limit – Stop. Give yourself a limit and stick to it. The article suggests implementing changes to avoid burning out employees, and the same applies to our personal lives. Set rules for yourself and for those in which you engage. Disconnect from the office when you’re not working, use your time wisely and always make time to do something you enjoy. If emails or texts are stressful triggers, stop engaging the correspondence after a certain hour.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. How we balance life and the things it throws at us. We need to remind ourselves we are human and as humans, we can only do (and accomplish) a certain amount within a specific time frame. We overload ourselves and when it’s all said and done, the way we manage that overload will determine whether we sink or float once our patience has jumped ship.

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