It’s 2018 – Here We Go

It’s 2018 – Here We Go

And here we go. It’s 2018 people. We are 30-sumpin’ days into the new year, and I’m dusting off the blog and getting ready to hit you with that Bougieness once again.

Starting things up again feels good, but may I be honest? I’m a little in my feelings as I look at the last item of content that I wrote before taking my longer-than-expected hiatus.

The post was about Prince.

For the regular readers, you all know how much I loved me some Prince. And since that post,  time has brought about a change and the Purple Reign is no longer with us. I still get a little choked up at times when I hear a Prince song, or watch a clip of him on an awards show.

So while the old post is bittersweet, it is also a real reminder that life is quick. It is fleeting. Time is borrowed. And tomorrow is promised to no one.

While we are here, we can only do our best, try our best and live our best. And in the midst of it all – we can also be stars.

Let’s get this thing started.


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