Digging up bones

Today I channeled my inquisitive bug to spend a few hours at Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, an outing I was very much looking forward to since the reappearance of the Body Worlds exhibition.  I snapped the above pic of the Hermann Park train cruising along the tracks across from the museum.  Can I get a ride?

It’s been years since my last museum visit.  So long in fact, I felt like a kid in a candy store as I reacquainted myself to the ooohs and ahs of science.

First stop was Body Worlds, my whole motive for the trip.  The BW exhibit was amazing. Absolutely awesome.  It fed my fascination of the human body and medical science quite nicely.  Sorry – no pictures of the exhibit to post.  The BW Media Squad was tighter than a girdle when it came to snapping photos.  Kind of weird – it’s not like the bodies were alive…and well, after appearing in a Body Worlds exhibt, what’s left to hide?

Glad the main portion of the museum was a little more camera friendly.

Bougie Applebum

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